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On Repeat: Daddy I Want A Pony

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Told after quite an extraordinary fight between my brother and myself that I was to go to my room and not even think about switching on my TV,  I stormed off and threw myself at my bed in anger. Once the initial hormone-spiked rage subsided, I lifted my head from the pillow  (now streaked in cheap mascara and looking like the early stages of a crumpled Jackson Pollock painting) and looked to the ancient radio alarm clock on my nightstand. They said nothing about listening to the radio.

As my fingers tripped over the dial, they stopped when they came to the most glorious racket coming from tinny, barely held together headphones: that beautiful crash of noise was ‘Daddy I Want  A Pony’ by Period Pains. And after the last frenetic chords rang out, the voice – the very antithesis of the wild energy that had just filled my buzzing head – was Peel’s. All calming and bathed with soothing laconic wit, I knew immediately that I had found a friend in him.

From that moment, I became a music obsessive. It defined me. My daily bus journey became slightly more bearable by a budget portable cassette player and  music taped from The Evening Session and John Peel, and Wednesdays were even better – they were Melody Maker/ NME days. Days in which my hungry need for musical knowledge spilled over from those  hour-plus bus rides and into my first lesson of the day. Since then I’ve been devouring music with the same gluttonous way ever since. My love for it has never waned in all the years that have passed since.

I put this down, in no small part, to Peely.

Thanks John. This one is for you.


Written by because140charactersisnotenough

November 7, 2011 at 4:39 pm