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On Repeat: The Middle East – Blood

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Although I hate my job in ever increasing ways, I’m quite lucky that I can listen to music and sometimes watch TV in what can only be described as the ‘WORST 8 HOURS OF MY DAY, FIVE DAYS A WEEK’. Now, just when you are thinking “She’s got it made! She’s so lucky!” I would like to add that: a) during my tenure at work I have put up with a great deal of shit (including a ‘manager’ who seemed to make it her life’s work to undermine/bully me and generally act with a vicious and really quite sadistic disregard of human decency), and b) without the distraction of music/TV, I would be like one of those caged bears that you seen in animal welfare adverts gnawing at their cell bars and banging their heads on the floor out of a lack of stimulation . But hey, on the plus side, I can fill my eyes and ears with as much as I can during working hours. And I do.

Sometimes I’ll hear and song on the radio and beat it to death on repeat until I can stand it no more, other times I will just be catching up with friend’s recommendations and come across something lovely, or sometimes I’ll just be nudged into remembering a song by a phrase or a melody that will trip around my head until I give in and give it a listen.

Courtesy of the latter, today I’ve listened to The Middle East’s ‘Blood’ approximately 15 times already. This count is rising all the time.

Originally released in 2009 and used on the soundtracks to Crazy, Stupid, Love and It’s Kind of A Funny Story, it is one those lovely, slowly-swelling pieces which gently ramp up until you get to this great big, gorgeously messy cacophony of noise. It’s bloody gorgeous. Enjoy.


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November 2, 2011 at 2:15 pm

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Got my blog on (again)

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Well, I’m heading back into the Blogosphere again – mainly because I’ve realised that blogging doesn’t necessarily mean I have to write mega essays that tow the difficult line of being both smart-arsed and somehow profound. This will be a place I put links to things I’ve found online, talk about film/music/TV/pop culture and bitch about how much I hate my job. That’s not an exhaustive list of items you are likely to read/see here but hey, you might find something interesting, or not.

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November 1, 2011 at 8:25 pm

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